What is School Branding?

Your school brand is your reputation as a reflection of your school culture in the community.

I refer to visual school branding as the variety of branded media used to help promote a school, its products, and services.

It's important that any school marketing material has a consistent visual style and feel about it along with a consistency around the school message. Why? Because over time your community will build up a familiarity with your brand image. The more that consistent image and message appears in the public the stronger that recognition will become.


Deciding on the look and message isn't like choosing a colour because it's a favourite one. It is about being able to accurately describe the culture of the school in words and then designing a look and message that creatively sums up that description.


How do you describe your school? When parents walk into your school, and like what they feel and see, describe why that is. Ask them.


What is an 'Inspiring Journey in School Branding'?

I believe that school branding is much more than a nice logo with matching stationery. A thoughtfully designed brand captures the essence of what your school stands for and combines it with your unique school story. This combination helps create a positive energy and a focal point for developing a dynamic and engaging school culture.

An inspiring school brand will help you:

  • Energise staff, students and parents and encourage them to have pride in their school
  • Create positive perceptions in the community that attracts and retains staff and students
  • Build a culture that your school will be proud of

Knowing 'who you are' is central to the development of any successful school brand. This involves working from the inside out to clearly understand the core beliefs and practices that underpin your school culture. The next step is to portray this honestly and authentically.


Every school has a unique, compelling story that can be harnessed to develop a dynamic and inspiring school brand. I call the process I use to help schools discover and tell their story an

'Inspiring Journey in School Branding'.

A school branding journey will help:

  • Clarify your school's ethos and communicate your vision, mission and values in a meaningful and memorable way
  • Capture your school's unique story and create symbols and themes to tell it
  • Develop ongoing strategies to enhance brand awareness and community engagement

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From My School Client Friends


"Craig from School Branding Matters has been involved in the school to develop a number of resources to promote the school. He initially met with our Board of Trustees to show a range of material he had developed with other schools. He then met with myself to develop a new school logo, school certificates and values chart to align with the schools vision. At all times I have found Craig listened to my ideas and he was able to produce a range of drafts for feedback. I would recommend him to anyone considering wanting to develop promotional material."

Margaret Trotter
Principal, Oaklands School, New Zealand


Are you interested in going on a school branding journey at your school?

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