School Mascots

PB4L The Winton Way - Winton School

Mascots have been used for years by sporting teams and businesses to promote their brand massage in a fun and informal way. Used in schools they're a great way of promoting special events, as well as celebrating pro-social behavior, and demonstrating school values.

Many of my primary school clients use them as visual aids in the classroom to help staff demonstrate values to younger children. They can also be used on posters and flags to help reinforce school beliefs and practices around the school grounds.

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From My School Client Friends

Aaron Richards

"Craig has been instrumental in enhancing the school's charter and curriculum programme through the development of a new school logo and mascot. Craig undertook a hands-on approach to understanding what made our school unique. As a result, he delivered concepts that encapsulated the school's vision and values in a very creative form. Craig was open to feedback and at all times demonstrated a commitment to getting things right for the school."

Aaron Richards
Principal - Darfield Primary School, New Zealand


Are you interested in a new mascot for your school?

I create mascots that are one-off designs. Contact me if you are interested in having one created as a brand champion for your school.

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