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A school logo is one of the main branding elements that distinguishes one school from another visually. The question to ask is, "If my school's logo were to line up against a dozen other school logos, would it stand out?". If the answer is no, it might be time to consider a new school logo.

  • Does it stand out among other schools?
  • Does it reflect a school's unique set of characteristics and beliefs on learning?
  • Is it easy to apply to different media - uniforms, brochures, websites etc?
  • Does the school community understand what it means? Does it have a meaning?
  • Will it date too easily? Is it trendy rather than timeless?
  • Do staff understand how to use the logo correctly? Is there a Style Guide?

Every school logo I create is an unique one off design. I try to include rich layers of symbolism and meaning so that when staff, students and parents look at the logo they can understand why it looks the way it looks. To that end a logo can help in putting all stakeholders on the same page.


The school community plays an important role, as part of the collaborative process, in the final look of their school logo. It is their logo, representing their school, to their community.

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From My School Client Friends

Dian Feary

"Craig worked hard to embody the  passion we felt, and the vision for and of our school. He was very patient in working with us to articulate our beliefs and then in capturing the essence in a design. After many iterations and change of tack from us, Craig was able to produce Te Wheke and the colours to reflect our place. We were excited to finally have a meaningful and vibrant logo for our wonderful new school. Craig's work in this was crucial to our final design."

Diana Feary
Principal ~ Tumuaki, Lyttelton Primary School, New Zealand

Chris Herrick

"Craig was very patient with our school as we consulted and built our new logo. For our change process to be successful we had to bring everyone along with us so the logo was co-constructed as a visual image of how we saw ourselves.

We feel that the ‘masterpiece’ that was created by Craig has already stood the ‘test of time’ and from it we have developed multiple visual images around our school.

Craig’s ability to ‘get inside our heads’ and to understand what we held important was the key to success. In the end, we think Craig knew more about our school than we did. The feature that we have found most empowering is the way that we can build on the basic design to encompass our vision, our values and our learners qualities (key competencies), all in one tight package. We are very proud of the outcomes, and so are our students and their families."

Chris Herrick
Principal, Birchwood School - Nelson, New Zealand


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