School Mascots

South Hornby School Rebuild & Rebrand

South Hornby School has a brand new Modern Learning Environment. Their new location is the old Branston Intermediate site just down the road from where they were. I was asked, during the rebuilding phase, to help with their rebranding. This would include rebranding around their school logo, mascot, values, student learning tools and signage. The…

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Two New Logos and a Mascot for Manurewa East School.

Toward the end of 2015 I had the pleasure of meeting with Phil Palfrey and Richard Arthurs, the Principal and Deputy Principal at Manurewa East School in Auckland. We discussed the creation of some new brand identity work around their school logo, PB4L program, and school mascot. After our initial discussions I began thinking about the logo and how…

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Meet Rere – Winton School’s New Mascot.

Mascots have been used for years by sports teams and businesses to promote their brands. In primary schools they can be an effective tool for connecting young students with values and beliefs – supporting the work of educators trying to develop a positive learning environment and culture in the school.   Meet Rere.   Winton School adopted PB4L last year. As a result, they took a closer look at their school culture…

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