Wesley Intermediate School’s Rebrand


Wesley Intermediate School undertook an exciting new rebrand with an emphasis on reflecting their school community in a modern and progressive way. It was the perfect opportunity to do so given there was a complete rebuild of the school on the horizon. The resulting logo, values branding and brand identity will serve them well in…

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Pareawa Banks Avenue School’s New School and Branding


Pareawa Banks Avenue School was hit hard by the Christchurch earthquake on February 22nd, 2011. It was damaged beyond repair. Eleven years on and the school has begun the next phase of its education journey in brand new buildings. The new school looks amazing! What did their branding journey look like and what was the…

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Mount Aspiring College Logo Design


It was a privilege to work on the new logo design for Te Kura o Tititea Mount Aspiring College. Not many high schools are willing to update their logos as it’s often considered something not to be touched. This wasn’t the case with Te Kura o Tititea Mount Aspiring College. They went ahead with the…

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Halswell School Rebrand


The decision to rebrand Te Kura o Te Tauawa – Halswell School came after a comprehensive community consultation process that determined the existing brand did not reflect the unique nature and attributes of the current learning environment and newly adopted cultural narrative. So the process began in order to create something that did. About The…

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Beckenham Te Kura o Pūroto Branding


The Beckenham Te Kura o Pūroto brand story began back in late 2015. A new vision and core set of values were developed and, in 2017, they adopted the combined English and Te Reo Māori name ‘Beckenham Te Kura o Pūroto’ which means ‘Beckenham, the school of the ponds’. It’s been a wonderful school branding…

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Mount Eden Normal Primary School Branding


Mount Eden Normal Primary School is situated right next to Mount Eden – one of a number of dormant volcanoes situated in the heart of Central Auckland. I was asked to create some new branding that helped to connect the school more closely to this unique landmark. Mount Eden Normal Primary School (MENPS) is a…

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Taradale Intermediate School Branding Refresh


Taradale Intermediate has undertaken an extensive refresh of its school branding. This included a refresh of their school logo, school values, team logos, school stationery, ethos diagram and inquiry model. It began by understanding what was important to them. The clocktower in the middle of town was something that the school community deeply cared about…

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Te Matauru Primary – New School Branding

Te Matauru Primary New School Build Branding New Zealand

Te Matauru Primary is a brand new school being built in Rangiora on the outskirts of Christchurch. It is the first major new school build in the region for the last 30 years with a completion date set for 2020. I was asked by the Foundation Principal, Danny Nicholls, if I would create a new…

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Te Kura O Take Kārara – New School Branding


Te Kura O Take Kārara is a brand new school being built in Wanaka in 2020. What a stunning place for a school. The exact location was known as Take Kārara by Ngāi Tahu back in the early 1800s. When it came to designing their new school logo I discovered the word “reflection” as the…

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Meet Rere – Winton School’s PB4L Mascot.

Winton School Learning Muscles Southland NZ

Meet RERE, Winton School’s mascot that they use to champion their PB4L values and learner dispositions. I began writing this case study in back 2016. Three years later? RERE has taken on a life of his own and become firmly embedded in the life and culture of the school. It’s a fantastic story. But where…

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