There is a fantastic story woven into Newtown School's logo design. It is an exploration into the life, nature and values of the school. At their core they are a 'Multicultural Kiwi School' in the heart of Newtown, a suburb just south of Central Wellington. What is their story and how is this being woven into the fabric of the school?

I already had a lot of respect for Mark Brown. He had done amazing things as the principal at Victory School in Nelson. So I jumped at the opportunity, when he called me back in 2014, to help develop branding around Newtown School's logo and PB4L values.

The school is situated on the main street in the heart of Newtown. They are surrounded by office buildings on one side and urban housing on the other sides. The suburb has changed a lot over the years. Many immigrant families, from all parts of the world, have chosen to settle there. As a result Newtown School boasts students from over fifty different countries. They want to recognise this as an integral part of who they are.

Logo Meaning


Newtown School's Nature

The logo symbol depicts the journey of the Newtown School student, from the moment they enter the school for the first time to when they leave. The journey commences in the bottom left corner of the ‘N’. The upward facing koru represents a student entering the school for the first time.

They are greeted by a downward facing koru representing staff and current students. A traditional Māori hongi is the touching of noses upon meeting for the first time. The two koru touching echoes this action.

Newtown School values partnership, connectedness and friendship with families/whanau as they support children going about the learning journey. 

The koru (and logo in general) also recognises the importance of the Te Reo Māori immersion class, Ngāti Kotahitanga, as of unique importance to the school.


Newtown School's Location

Moving up the left-hand side of the ‘N’ there is a green shape representing Mount Victoria – iconic to Central Wellington. This is overlapped by a blue wave representing Wellington Harbour and the rivers that once flowed through where the school is located.

The symbolism and colours also recognise that Newtown School is an Enviro School. They represent the land and the sea and Newtown's desire for its school community be good stewards of the environment.


Newtown School's Values

Their PB4L Values are represented by the fern shape in the logo symbol.

Newtown School promotes Connection, Resilience, Respect, Effort and Curiosity in all aspects of school life.

The different coloured green and purple tones symbolise the multicultural nature of the school. The fern is an iconic symbol representing New Zealand.

Newtown School is a 'Multicultural Kiwi School' in the heart of Wellington.

"Love learning, love life!"

I have come up with a number of mottos for schools over the years. Newtown's reinforces their belief that life is an exciting learning journey. They want students to have a fantastic education at Newtown School, which will equip them with the necessary tools they require for when they leave.


Newtown School Facebook Banner

The PB4L Values Icons

Newtown School's Values have an organic multicultural feel which isn't specific to any particular culture. This gives them a greater universal appeal in a school with such ethnic diversity.


Newtown School Ethos Model and Banner

Style Guide and Website

A Logo Style Guide was created to help protect the integrity of the logo's look. Their website is a celebration of learning at Newtown School. It can be viewed here.

Newtown School

Newtown School Style Guide and Website

New School Building

They have just had their new building finished as I write this. I was flown up by the school to look at the space to see how this could be used with their branding. Below are some of the concepts around signage in their entrance way. I'll share photos of the final entranceway look once I have them.


New School Entrance


Do you have a captivating story behind your school logo?

Newtown School has found this helpful in moving forward with their curriculum at a school and classroom level. Contact me if you'd like to know more about this. 

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