I was contacted by Irrigate Solutions to create a logo and brand identity for their new business. This is another job, like Window Innovation's branding, that I thought would be an interesting project to work on in between school branding work.

As with all projects like this I wanted to establish a strong visual connection between the organisation (their product and service) and their market. By doing so they could hit the ground running with a brand image that stood out and resonated with their customer base.

Logo Design

Irrigate Solutions provides the latest in irrigation technology to the New Zealand agricultural sector. They combine this with state of the art water evaluation services to create some of the most efficient and effective irrigation solutions on the market today.

They want to be perceived as a serious contender in the irrigation market - providing exceptional quality, value, products and service.

The shape of the logo is based on a conventional water sprinkler - spraying off the top of the 'i'. It is also a tick shape signifying quality assurance, forward thinking and the right choice.


I wanted the logo symbol to capture the idea of water going into the land which, in turn, produces quality results for customers and consumers alike. The blue represents irrigation (the product) while the green represents the land (the application). It has an energetic feel (like that of water in motion). The overall look is one of professionalism - demonstrating their desire to be seen as a serious option in the irrigation marketplace.


The logo captures the essence of its market.


To begin with I created some branding around their uniform and, in particular, their company vehicles. The logo symbol lines on the truck are quite distinctive and eye catching. Like Window Innovation's vehicle signage it is a great way to build local recognition around a brand.


Irrigation Solutions Vehicle Signage.

Irrigate Solutions Uniform

Irrigate Solutions Uniform Branding

Craig Burton School Branding Matters

Yes, I'll have a look at your company branding!

I love the challenge in between school branding projects. It's fun and, like schools, requires a solid understanding of your core business beliefs, products and services. Then backing that up with meticulous attention to detail around your image and messaging.

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