In some ways yes. But the process and design principles being applied to each remain the same.

Toward the end of 2016, while schools in New Zealand were preparing to close for the summer break over Christmas, I was approached by one of the directors of Window Innovation Limited - a new company that specialises in the design and manufacture of aluminium joinery for architecturally designed homes.

After I began specialising in branding schools I stopped looking at commercial branding opportunities. I took this project on because it looked like an exciting challenge. So I sat down with the directors and we talked about the company, their dreams for it, the types of customers they were interested in attracting, and the type of image they wanted to project.

The list of branding requirements included:

  • Logo Design

  • Style Guidelines

  • Stationery Collateral

  • Vehicle Branding

  • Building Signage

  • Street Signage

  • Website

The logo was the first branding componant to be addressed. They wanted a company logo that was slightly abstract, friendly, modern, and would appeal to both the middle and upper end of the market. So I put my thinking cap on.


Original Logo Concept Sketch

Like all of the logos I design it begins with sketching some ideas until I find something that I feel has potential to explore further. Then I scan it onto my computer and work it up in Illustrator. At this stage of the process I begin to explore the shape, proportions, and colour in more detail until I'm satisfied that the logo ticks all of the right boxes for my client.

What Does Their Logo Mean?


The logo design is based on a stylised “W” which stands for “Window”. The first two parts of the “W” shape represent innovation, input, design, thought, manufacture, processing, personalisation, customisation, service (the ‘doing’ part). The second two parts of the “W” represent the corner of an alumium window frame (the product).

As a whole the logo design conveys energy, innovation, is modern, and friendly. The first two shapes have a translucent feel about them implying glass (the glass is placed into the alumium frame).

It has an origami feel about it. Just as origami is the "art of paper folding", Window Innovation are leaders in the "art of designing and manufacturing aluminium joinery" for architecturally designed homes.


Stationery - Business Cards, Letterhead, Notepad

Showroom Exterior (Before and After)


Car, Truck, and Van Signage

Whether it's branding a business or a school, the process and the principles are the same. Schools can be assured about the quality of the visual branding they're having created by me - whether it's a new logo, prospectus, mascot, or some other branding componant.

Right, time to get back to branding schools 🙂

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Are you ready to look at your school brand?

If you would like to know more about the process that I use to help get schools on the right track with their visual branding call me.

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